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Mission and Strategy

“We pioneer a patented nutraceutical bioprocess, promoting functional food efficacy and sustainability as one.”

The core values of Hughes is to maximize the effectiveness of dietary supplement products. We specialize in the development and manufacture of plant-sourced nutraceuticals using RenoSorbTM, our unique and innovative biotechnology designed to yield highly water-soluble and ‘real absorbable’ products.

Hughes is creating for the discovery and development of newer dietary ingredients based on the most current science as well as reformulating existing ingredients to increase their potency. We work closely with major universities and medical institutions to further ensure that we have the latest ideas for keeping our methods on the cutting edge.

Mission and Strategy





12F.-2, No. 420, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



  • Established the optimal lab-scaled process of RenoSorbTM technique.

  • Licensed the patented technology from National Taiwan University.


  • Established partnership with Ve Wong Corporation.
  • Developed the pilot plant process of RenoSorbTM.


  • The patent for core technique was granted.
  • Completed the mass production process of RenoSorbTM technique. 
  • Published scientific report about the remarkable health benefit of our product.


Charles Chu

Charles Chu has been in top management positions broadly across many fields including investment banking, private equity, venture capital, leasing finance, electronics, and biotech in his over thirty five year professional career. He is also a certified public accountant both in the States and Taiwan.

Anthony Wang Ph.D.
Head of Business Development

Anthony is specializing in phytochemicals bioavailability and bioactivity research, he used to executive many projects of plant-based drug developments. He's one of the inventor of core technology and patents of Hughes Biotech. Anthony holds a Ph.D. degree in agricultural chemistry from the National Taiwan University.

James Hsu Ph.D.
Head of Research & Development

James is expertised in biochemistry, bioprocessing and chemical analysis, who is a big wheel in developing RenoSorbTM platform of Hughes. He was the 6th,7th ICoFF, AOAC and 12th ISNFF international award winner in 2015-2019. James holds a Ph.D. degree in agricultural chemistry from the National Taiwan University.

Claire Fang
Head of Management Department

Claire had years of experience in developing nutritional and healthcare products. She used to lead an R&D team to solve the serious quality maintenance problems of high protein beverage by providing scientifically solutions. Claire holds a master degree in agricultural chemistry from the National Taiwan University and she also has a certificate of Chinese Herbal Medicine Program.

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