RenoSorb is your solution


First in the world,
Hughes Biotech Can Give You the 'Solutions'  You Want Through a Clean Bio-Process.

TM is your NO.1 solution"

Most of plant-based ingredients are water insoluble, which limits their utilization in commercial products and effective absorption in human body. RenoSorbTM is Hughes's patented, innovative bio-processing platform brought to solve the problem, it boosts insoluble nutraceuticals to completely water soluble ones without using any chemical excipients. It also suggests that those plant-based nutraceuticals might be absorbed much more effectively in human body.

Through RenoSorbTM, Hughes create an new era for functional ingredients. Besides reformulating the compounds for your application ease, we promote their beneficial impact on health care by scientific evidences, however, maintaining clean label of ingredients itself. If you need support, please contact our technical team that can advise on the latest product innovations and industry trends to keep you ahead of the curve.

RenoSorb is your solution